What to Expect When Planning Your Corporate Event

What to Expect When Planning Your Corporate Event

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When working with our skilled Milwaukee catering team, planning your company event is fun and easy. The flawless process that time and time again produces premier corporate events does not get a lot of attention. Things come together seemingly effortlessly, and it is the end results that bring our staff and clients great pride. But it would not be without the hard work of developing a perfect step-by-step plan that these incredible events would be possible.

Today we give you a sneak peek into the journey that awaits your unique event vision and some of the fine events that it brought to life.

The Proven Path to Successful Milwaukee Company Events

Simply Submit an Inquiry

Whatever way you prefer to relay your interest in having our team back your event goals, it is easy to reach our experts. We ask that you tell us a bit about yourself online, give us a call at 414.727.5555 or email us at info@zillilakeandgardens.com. Once we receive your message, one of our friendly professionals will reach out to you. Once we are certain that we will be able to execute on all your event needs, then we will let you know our plan of attack. You’ll leave this preliminary discussion feeling excited and confident about your upcoming event.

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Explicate Your Event Plans

Working closely with our always-attentive event planners, you will benefit from all the advice and guidance you need to bring your event theme and creative ideas to life. If this means touring Zilli Lake & Gardens together, then we can arrange for that. In other cases it means meeting up to map out your floor plan guided by our inside knowledge of your event space. Wherever we meet, you’ll leave with a personalized plan and a code to your All Seated website to access up-to-date diagrams and seating charts. And you can trust that our team has a strategic grid with each area of your event space serviced by experts in its niche who coordinate to overcome any challenges.

Our team will take care of all the hard work that goes into designing a top corporate event. All we ask of you is to share your vision and be open to suggestions about ways to exemplify your theme and surpass your goals. We have decades of experience servicing every type of corporate event. From company picnics and holiday parties to conferences and employee recognition parties, every event benefits from the ideas of designated event designers and their supporting staff. Whether ideas arise in production meetings or when we run your plans through our logistics engineer, your personal event planner will pass on new options and exciting ideas to you.

Preview Mouthwatering Menus

Our culinary team will send you menu options to explore. Allow your imagination to soar through the delicious dishes and let us know how we can customize them to match your event theme and distinct taste. We are also happy to accommodate any dietary needs your guests may have. Once we understand exactly what you desire in your custom menu, we will help you choose the right menu items and style of service for your event type and distinct theme. Then our chefs will put the polishing touches on your personal menu, and, if needed, we will send you a detailed proposal.

Corporate Event Menu Options

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Sample Your Amazing Choices

Whether it means a private tasting or checking out your floral arrangements, our team can plan a time for you to preview each detail that will delight your guests. Together we take every step needed to make sure you arrive to your event without a single worry or doubt. Sometimes it takes seeing and tasting things first-hand to spark those last-minute ideas and personal touches or simply boost your confidence that your guests will enjoy an incredible experience.

Floral Arrangements for Corporate Event

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Take Care of Final Logistics

With your venue and premier Milwaukee catering team secured, we will double check that all your event needs are confirmed. From coordinating with partner vendors to nailing down your final custom decorations, you can rest assured that no detail goes overlooked. With full trust in our award-winning Milwaukee catering team, you will exude confidence at your big event.

Relay and Review Feedback

After each event, we gather as a team to critique our performance from start to finish. And critical to this process is the event manager’s nine-page post-event analysis report as well feedback from clients and guests. We love when they reach out to us to extend their appreciation and gratitude for surpassing their expectations. The wonderful feedback we recently received includes:

  • AMAZING everything!
  • Thank you again and I look forward to future events together
  • We were all very impressed with the decorative setup of each food station – not to mention the food was fantastic.
  • I wanted to take a moment to share with you what an incredible job your team did last evening for our Ribbon Cutting.
  • Thank you for making our company picnic so very wonderful and a true class act!
  • Our owner was quite impressed with everything!

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When we review our clients’ events, taking into account all forms of feedback, we take a close look at every step of the process. Here is an example of the type of timeline we consider:

  • Following up on initial contact: The client enjoyed a prompt response to their online inquiry and enjoyed getting to know one of our friendly professionals. With their message coming a year in advance to their anniversary, we had plenty of time to learn about their dream event and offer ideas. As we spoke, an elegant and memorable event vision came to life.
  • Creating a personalized design plan: With their venue selected, we got to work creating a floor plan with décor that matched their 50th anniversary party theme.
  • Customizing menu choices: A fine plated dinner was the perfect match to the client’s upscale anniversary celebration, and we enjoyed learning about their favorite dishes to showcase in it. Together, we decided to make the first dish they shared—a beef tenderloin—one of the main courses.
  • Private tasting: The client was thrilled from their first bite of our filet of beef tenderloin with Jack Daniels au poivre. It perfectly exemplified their style and story.
  • Finalizing the event plan: Our team worked together to create an elaborate event diagram that facilitated the open floor plan and provided ample room for their DJ and fun dessert stations.
  • Relaying feedback: We were thrilled to hear that the client could not have been more pleased with how their anniversary party played out. We loved seeing some of their favorite photos from the special celebration and were sure to share them with our whole team.

Whether you are just beginning to develop your corporate event ideas or already have a clear vision, our creative and meticulous event planners are here to support you. It all starts when you contact us online or give us a call at 414.727.5555.

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