Valuable Picnic Planning Tips from ZHG

Valuable Picnic Planning Tips from ZHG


If you love saving money, then we have good news for you—many of the best picnic menu items are very cost-effective. You’ll be amazed by what our creative chefs cook up that comes in or under your budget. And this means more flexibility to carry out all your picnic dreams. Whatever your budget, theme and event goals may be, we want to help you make the most of them!

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Making the most of your picnic budget comes down to choosing the right foods, so let’s take a look at how to do just that!

How to Maximize Your Picnic Budget

Start with High-Quality Ingredients

Look in our kitchen and you’ll find extraordinarily fresh fruits and vegetables and the best cuts of meat. And that is because we know these are the cornerstones of mouthwatering menus. And we also know they don’t have to come at an exceptionally high cost. From USDA choice all beef hamburgers to chilled watermelon wedges, we take full responsibility for ensuring each bite your guests take is filled with flavor.

Some of our favorite menu items that look and taste like a million bucks but are available to you at a fantastic price include:

  • 12 oz bone-in strip loin
  • Carolina hand-pulled bbq pork
  • Zsian cucumber salad

Design a Versatile Picnic Menu

Fortunately, traditional picnic menu items are incredibly popular, so it’s not hard to think of foods everyone will love. And our classic grill menu features them at a phenomenal price! Items like all beef plump hot dogs, five spice grilled chicken breast and BBQ hand-pulled pork won’t disappoint. Paired with unique sides, you will only need one or two classic entrees to please everyone!

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Go Beyond the Ordinary

When crafting your custom picnic menu, don’t settle for standard menu options. Classic items like potatoes can take on a variety of unique forms that give guests a memorable culinary experience. You don’t have to pay a lot more to get noteworthy sides like:

  • Hillside potatoes: steamed redskin potatoes, dill
  • German potato salad
  • Campfire potatoes: roasted redskin potatoes, onions and peppers

Ask About House-Made Items

You may have heard about our house made kettle chips—they are phenomenally addictive. And because they are made by our culinary team, they come at a great savings that we pass on to you! The higher quality and lower cost of house-made items make them a great talking point when you meet with your Milwaukee catering team.

Consider Simply Delicious and Efficient Stations

Stations let guests dive right into their menu options and carry on with the fun celebrations. At a Milwaukee tailgate station, you can set out main dishes like Italian sausage with peppers and marinara sauce, Klement’s bratwurst with sauerkraut and all beef hot dogs with caramelized onions as well as sides of ranchero pasta salad and house-made kettle chips all in one place. Guests can immediately eye what they want and select accordingly—reducing necessary staff.

Potato chips

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Look for an All-Inclusive Package

We did say the biggest cost savings come down to selecting the right foods. But we have to mention one other picnic budget tip: look for a picnic package that includes dishware, utensils, condiments and station linens. You would be shocked by how much you can spend on these if you purchase them separately. Fortunately, all of our picnic menus include these items. So when you get your proposal, you’ll know right away if it fits in your budget.

And the same goes for items unrelated to your menu—from games and entertainment to décor, the more you can source from one company, the greater your total savings will be.

It’s hard to put 50 years of experience into just a series of tips—the value of working with an incredibly talented and dedicated Milwaukee catering company for your picnic can’t be put in words.

To experience the full benefits of working with our creative and meticulous event planners, contact us online or give us a call at 414.727.5555.

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