Your Essential Picnic Checklist

Your Essential Picnic Checklist


We believe that the best Milwaukee picnics are the result of meticulous planning and overwhelming joy. And because we take care of all the details, you are left only with the responsibility of having fun. And that begins with picnic planning, so let your creativity and event vision soar to new heights.

To gear up for your fantastic picnic, we outlined all the things you’ll want to have in your corner.

Milwaukee Picnic Planning Guide

Form an Event Committee You Trust

From choosing your Milwaukee catering company to dreaming up new picnic game ideas, a lot goes into planning a flawless picnic. While our team is here to help you, you’ll also want to consider building an internal team. And to avoid indecision, make sure you assign one person on your team who will take the lead.

You will want to gather as a group, maybe for a light breakfast or lunch, to map out your overall plan and goals for your picnic. Then define your budget and outline some potential locations and dates to consider. Once you’ve streamlined your needs, you can divvy up tasks for group members to take on before your next meeting. If you are lucky, one of them will return with the good news that one of our experienced event planners is in your corner!

Nail Down Your Picnic Theme

Your event’s theme will guide many of its details, so it is important to decide on this early in your picnic planning process. Doing so can also give you ideas for DIY projects that each member of your committee can enjoy between your gatherings. For example, a tropical beach theme invites umbrella centerpieces and personalized seashell party favors, and both of these can be hand-made!

If you find yourself dreaming up décor that is a bit out of your committee’s skill set, not to worry. Our dedicated design department can handle it all!

Fun Do-It-Yourself Picnic Decor and Decorations

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Customize Your Mouthwatering Picnic Menu

When you preview our sample picnic menu, you will find a great variety of popular picnic foods crafted in unique and delicious ways. But remember that although any of these will be a big hit at your picnic, our chefs are also eager to personalize dishes to match your event’s theme. Whatever your picnic vision craves, our chefs can make it using the freshest ingredients and best cuts of meat.

To gather culinary inspiration for your picnic menu, we invite you to feast your eyes on our most popular dishes like our Carolina hand-pulled BBQ pork and grilled chicken with pineapple salsa. Both are full of flavor and easily matched to our addictive sides. Imagine them enjoyed with smoothies from Maui Wowi, and we are guessing that your picnic dreams are becoming clearer.

Carolina hand-pulled BBQ por

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Plan on Unforgettable Fun in the Sun

Our fresh, on-site grilling will fire up your picnic atmosphere, but of course you will also want to organize fun and engaging games suited to your picnic theme. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will work with our partner vendors to get you all set! But don’t think lots of equipment is a prerequisite for exceptionally fun picnic games—creativity is your biggest asset!

And remember, sometimes the food itself provides the best activities. We know of a phenomenal local company whose staff in red and white skimmer hats and aprons serves up snow cones, cotton candy and popcorn. Or maybe a Chunky Monkey dessert station is the right fit—brownies topped with ice cream, bananas foster sauce and whipped cream delight guests of all ages. Whatever sounds sweet to you, we can provide it!

Picnic Fun Food Popcorn and SnoCones


Over our 50 years of service, we have had the pleasure of making hundreds of picnics a huge success. And we can’t wait to bring our exceptional service and expertise to your Milwaukee picnic as well.

To bring out the fun in your picnic planning process, contact our talented event planners online or give us a call at 414.727.5555.

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