Save Money with a Non-Traditional Wedding

Save Money with a Non-Traditional Wedding


If you are currently planning your big day, you probably already know that weekends book out more than a year in advance. With only 52 Saturdays per year, it can be difficult to secure a venue, catering, photographer and more for your big day. Oh, and don’t forget that others in your group of friends are getting married, too. After all, every bride has—on average—three friends also planning their wedding. It can be challenging to plan so everyone you want to attend can make it, in addition to coordinating all of the other logistics.

If you have a dream venue picked out, want to get married a certain time of year, or on your anniversary date, there’s a simple solution: host your wedding during the week or in the off-season and avoid the stress of planning a weekend wedding!

And, anyway, weekday weddings are in! Celebs like Cameron Diaz, Kerry Washington and Ashley Tisdale all tied the knot during the week [1].

Break from the traditional with a weekday or off-season wedding and enjoy all of the benefits, including the ones we’ve compiled below.

Weekday and Off-Season Wedding Infographic

Weekday and weekend weddings also allow for even more creative wedding themes, as they are a refreshing, memorable break from the traditional. Whether you dream of a Sunday brunch or mid-day lunch for your wedding party or rehearsal, the flexible planning allows for whatever your heart desires.

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